At Phoenix Medical Group, we aim to provide a holistic approach towards your beauty and well-being. Which is why at Phoenix Medical Group, we provide treatments ranging from skin care, to hair loss, anti-aging and even weight management. We believe that medical aesthetics is as much of an art form as it is a medical science.So let Phoenix Medical Group work together with YOU to create a masterpiece with you as our canvas!

We are pleased to announce that our aesthetics services has been relaunched in Seletar. All patients require a confirmed appointment to see our aesthetic physician before any procedures can be performed.

Our List of Services

Face and Skin

  • Acne treatment (AVAILABLE AT ALL BRANCHES)
  • Chemical peels – We have introduced a new peel from IMAGE to help with acne prone skin, dry skin, dull skin tone etc (ONLY AVAILABLE IN SELETAR)
  • Scar treatment via intralesional steroid injections (AVAILABLE AT ALL BRANCHES)
  • IPL for hair loss and pigmentation (ONLY AVAILABLE IN SELETAR)
  • Nd-Yg for toning, pore reduction, melasma etc (ONLY AVAILABLE IN SELETAR)
  • Botox (ONLY AVAILABLE IN SELETAR between 10am to 2pm on ALTERNATE FRIDAY)
  • Fillers ( ONLY AVAILABLE IN SELETAR between 10am to 2pm on ALTERNATE FRIDAY)


  • Weight management  (AVAILABLE AT ALL BRANCHES)
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