Erectile Dysfunction

If you can’t get it up, or not able to last until you ejaculate, you are having Erectile Dysfunction. Click on the questionnaire below:

IIEF-5 Questionnaire

For erection to occur, the appropriate stimulus must be present (thought, visual or touch) for arousal to occur. With arousal, the nervous system will send a signal to the penis to increase blood flow into the penis. There are mechanisms that help to maintain the blood within the penis vasculature in order to maintain a good erection. Upon ejaculation, the blood will be released and the penis will become flaccid again.

Any disruption along the pathway described above can cause erectile dysfunction.

These include:

    • Poor blood vessels


This will affect blood flow into the penis; hence erection can’t be achieved or will be suboptimal. Conditions that can affect the blood vessel include Diabetes and High Cholesterol. Hence, anyone with erectile dysfunction should consider doing a health screening to ensure that it is not caused by the conditions mentioned above.

  • Nervous system fault, which can be categorised into

    Psychological – by far one of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction in young healthy male. Performance anxiety is likely the cause and usually it is readily reversible once the confidence improves.

    Nerve/Spinal cord damage – for erection to occur, the nerves to the penis need to be intact. Any history of injury to these nerves will affect erection.

  • Fault in valves preventing blood backflow

    for erection to be maintained, these valves need to be competent to prevent blood in the penis from flowing out.Damage to these valves will cause one not to be able to maintain his erection.

  • Physical damage or abnormalities to the penis

    any injury causing physical damage to the penis can affect erection

    Strength of erection can be divided into 4 grades as show in the picture below:

    What can be done?

    Medications to treat erectile dysfunction have been in the market for very long and are proven very effective. It is very well tolerated although the most common side effects include headache or flushing. These tend to get better with subsequent doses. These medications are usually taken about 30-60 minutes before intercourse and best taken with an empty or light stomach.

    A common misconception about these drugs is that it is an aphrodisiac and hence it increases the libido. Medications to treat erectile dysfunction are NOT aphrodisiac and do not affect one’s libido. Another misconception is that after taking the medicine, the erection should happen spontaneously. Again, the answer is NO. One still needs arousal in order to achieve erection.

    One common complaint about these medications is that there is a need to plan for the occasion and hence there will be no spontaneity. There is a medication that is taken every day and this is more suitable for those who have intercourse more frequently and cherishes spontaneity.

    There are other modalities of treatment for erectile dysfunction but these are more invasive and it is not suitable for all cases of erectile dysfunction. These include Caverject injection, shockwave therapy, implantable device etc.

    This group of people should consider checking for testosterone levels:

    • Minimal improvement of erection with medications
    • Very few or no morning erections
    • Weak libido
    • Diabetic patients with erectile dysfunction
    • High truncal fat percentage.

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