HealthierSG is a national health initiative in Singapore that focuses on encouraging individuals to adopt healthier habits, make informed choices, and take preventive measures to reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular conditions.

With HealthierSG, Singaporeans will have: 

  • A choice of your preferred family clinic that will guide you to stay healthy 
  • A customized health plan and support you to achieve your health goals
  • Access to community programmes to help you stay active and healthy 

Phoenix Medical Group is proud to be part of the HealthierSG initiative.  

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Pre-enrol with us today if:

  • You are a Singaporean Citizen or permanent resident 
  • You are a chronic patient aged > 40 years and above 
  • You had 2 or more chronic visits in the past calendar year 

National Enrolment Programme (From July 2023)

  • You are a Singaporean Citizen or permanent resident 
  • You are aged > 60 years and above 
  • SMS invitations will be sent progressively to those ages 40-59 years 

All residents eligible for HealthierSG enrolment have the flexibility to choose any Healthier SG clinic or polyclinic using the HealthHub app.


Enrolment Benefits

From July 2023,
1) Free first Health Plan consultation.
2) Personalized Health Plan.
3) $20 worth of Healthpoints after first Health Plan consultation.
4) Free nationally-recommended screenings and vaccinations for Singapore Citizens.

Early 2024,
1) Access to enhanced subsidies for whitelisted chronic drugs under the new Healthier SG Chronic Tier for CHAS/PG/MG cardholders with high medication needs or bills.
2) No cash co-payment to use MediSave for chronic conditions.


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Why choose Phoenix Medical Group?

  • 4 well located clinic saround Singapore
  • All our clinics have been accredited by MOH as of 2016, to not only administer to the CHAS and Pioneer Generation schemes, but also to outpatient Medisave claims.
  • To embrace holistic care, the Group is now part of a larger ecosystem under the Livingstone Health