Our Services


Men’s Health

We are able to perform individualised men’s health screening and subsequent management.

While physical and sexual health is important to men, appearance is equally vital. At Phoenix Medical Group, we provide various non-invasive medical aesthetic treatments.

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Women’s Health

Women’s health, when not managed properly, will have a direct impact on her physical and emotional well-being. Here at Phoenix Medical Group, we place strong emphasis on healthy and happy families.

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Childhood Immunisation

At Phoenix Medical Group, we would like your children to have the best start to life, and what better way, than to vaccinate them on time, without having to travel far from home!

We offer a complete experience, including updating the National Immunization Records, which you can access readily online.

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Chronic Disease Management

Phoenix Medical Group is a part of the Primary Care Network (PCN) scheme where we are well-equipped to manage patients with more complex chronic conditions and care needs. We believe in working together with our patients and to equip them with the knowledge to take charge of their own health, maximizing treatment outcomes.

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Statutory Check up

We provide health and medical checks for the purpose of visa, pre-employment, LTA licences, social pass, work permit renewal, and tertiary enrollment applications. Simply book an appointment to avoid long waiting time.

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Health Screening

Health screening is essential – for the early detection of diseases with no symptoms, as well as providing regular assessment of your health.

Prevention is better than cure, and early detection by our doctors leads to more favorable outcomes.

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At Phoenix Medical Group, we aim to provide a holistic approach towards your beauty and well-being. Which is why at Phoenix Medical Group, we provide treatments ranging from skin care, to hair loss, anti-aging and even weight management.

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Insurance Schemes

We welcome the following insurance card holders groupwide:

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General Services

We are primarily your family physician, one who will see you take your first steps in infancy and advice you through your life and make the best decisions towards the most optimal quality of health at the end.

  • Acute consultations
  • Chronic consultations
  • Family Planning
  • Health screening and Blood Investigations
  • Simple surgery like stitching *T&S
  • Vaccinations *both children and adults
  • Dermatological consultations
  • Work permit/statutory examination checks
  • Travel Medicine
  • LPA (selected outlets and doctors)
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    Covid-19 Test

    We provide COVID-19 tests for purposes such as pre-event and pre-departure at our clinics, and at our dedicated Quick Test Centre (QTC) located at Paya Lebar Square.

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