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About Us

The idea for Phoenix Medical Group took form in early 2011. It was then decided that a group practice would be able to cater to a wider range of patients.

Phoenix Medical Group now employs over 25 staff across 5 well located clinics around Singapore, catering to a diverse mix of patients.

Our Mission Is Simple Yet Challenging:

A focus on primary prevention and vaccination, aiming to empower patients to take charge of their own health with their doctors as counselors and mentors.

To afford quality care to patients young and old, rich and the less advantaged, all our clinics have been accredited by MOH as of 2016, to not only administer to the CHAS and Pioneer Generation schemes, but also to outpatient Medisave claims.

We believe quality care trumps quantity and ensure that our doctors and patients alike have sufficient time to go through their medical issues, and have carefully curated our list of third party administrator healthcare providers whom we work with.

To embrace holistic care, the Group is now part of a larger ecosystem under the Livingstone Health umbrella.

Our Doctors

Dr. Chua Hshan Cher

Dr Chua Hshan Cher graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2003 and completed ...

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Dr. Lee Kai Lun

Dr Lee Kai Lun emerged from the same batch as Dr Chua with his Bachelor of Medicine and ...

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Dr. Angela Foong

Dr Foong Ching Ching Angela graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2004 ...

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Dr. Meera Ravindran

Dr Meera Ravindran graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2011 and did rotations ...

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Dr. Cheryl Lin

Dr Cheryl Lin graduated from the University of New South Wales. She has also completed a Masters ...

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Dr. Rick Chan

Dr Rick Chan graduated from Faculty of Medicine, National University of Singapore(NUS), in 2003 ...

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Dr. Raina Loh

Dr. Raina Loh graduated in 2016 from the University of New South Wales, Australia, ...

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