PMG x Healthier SG

PMG x Healthier SG May 12, 2023

PMG x Healthier SG


We are pleased to announce that Phoenix Medical Group is now a Healthier SG clinic!

Enjoy these enrolment benefits:

From July 2023,

1) Free first Health Plan consultation.
2) Personalized Health Plan.
3) $20 worth of Healthpoints after first Health Plan consultation.
4) Free nationally-recommended screenings and vaccinations for Singapore Citizens.

Early 2024,

1) Access to enhanced subsidies for whitelisted chronic drugs under the new Healthier SG Chronic Tier for CHAS/PG/MG cardholders with high medication needs or bills.
2) No cash co-payment to use MediSave for chronic conditions.

Find out about enrolment terms in detail:

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